Zahra Charity . . . an American initiative for a better access to neuro-rehabilitation in Morocco



Rabat, Morocco, January 8th, 2014: Visite of Zahra Charity (ZC)/Rotary delegations to the children center managed by the Moroccan NGO, The Moroccan League for the Protection of the Child (MLPC). H.H. Princess Lalla Zineb is the current president of this great NGO. H.H. greeted the Zahra delegation, gave them a tour of her children center and had a private meeting that discussed the MAIR project and possible collaborations between ZC and MLPC.

Zahra Charity meets with Ambassadors of Morocco, Oman, and Tunisia at the Ambassador Forum hosted by U.S.-ARAB CHAMBER (July, 2011)

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Zahra Charity meets with the Moroccan Ambassador

(July 15, 2011)

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Main Purpose Behind The Zahra Charity

The main purpose of The Zahra Charity (ZC) is building a specialized Neuro-rehabilitation center (Moulay Ali Institute for Rehabilitation, MAIR) in Marrakech City, Morocco, as soon as possible. The Zahra Charity organization is a American 501©(3) Non-profit (EIN#30-0507924, founded in 2008) that will focus on building MAIR and help fix the current, severe deficit in Neuro-rehabilitation care in Morocco.

This lack of adequate Neuro-rehabilitation care is affecting a diverse patient population in Morocco: Children and Adults with neurological disabilities, patients with traumatic brain injuries (TBI), stroke related disabilities and spinal cord injuries. read more »

The Zahra Charity Mission Statement

The Zahra Charity (ZC) is the only American 501©(3)non-profit health and education organization dedicated to the advancement of the science of neuro-rehabilitation in Morocco, Africa. The beneficiary patient population will include, but not limited to: traumatic brain injuries, spinal cord injuries, stoke patients as well as Children with disabilities.  read more »