Zahra Charity . . . an American initiative for a better access to neuro-rehabilitation in Morocco





Zahra Charity meets with Ambassadors of Morocco, Oman, and Tunisia at the Ambassador Forum hosted by U.S.-ARAB CHAMBER (July, 2011)

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Zahra Charity meets with the Moroccan Ambassador

(July 15, 2011)

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Main Purpose Behind The Zahra Charity

The main purpose of The Zahra Charity (ZC) is building a specialized Neuro-rehabilitation center (Moulay Ali Institute for Rehabilitation, MAIR) in Marrakech City, Morocco, as soon as possible. The Zahra Charity organization is a American 501©(3) Non-profit (EIN#30-0507924, founded in 2008) that will focus on building MAIR and help fix the current, severe deficit in Neuro-rehabilitation care in Morocco.

This lack of adequate Neuro-rehabilitation care is affecting a diverse patient population in Morocco: Children and Adults with neurological disabilities, patients with traumatic brain injuries (TBI), stroke related disabilities and spinal cord injuries. read more »

The Zahra Charity Mission Statement

The Zahra Charity (ZC) is the only American 501©(3)non-profit health and education organization dedicated to the advancement of the science of neuro-rehabilitation in Morocco, Africa. The beneficiary patient population will include, but not limited to: traumatic brain injuries, spinal cord injuries, stoke patients as well as Children with disabilities.  read more »